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Rating Room Ltd is a fast-growing, independent, Edinburgh-based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company. By examining all aspects of our clients’ websites, identifying problems and implementing ethical improvements, we deliver more site visitors, reduce acquisition costs and give you a competitive edge.

Search Engine Optimisation delivers business benefits; as such we describe our services in a business, rather than technical, manner. We're open about our techniques and give an honest view on the benefits we think your business will receive by using our services. We also have the integrity not to recommend a service you don't need.

Promoting your Website
There are several options when it comes to promoting your website. The two preferred methods of website promotion are Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Rating Room are specialists in both these areas. To further improve the effectiveness of our campaigns we developed LocalSearch+ . This exciting technology not only delivers 30 to 60% more visitors than traditional SEO/PPC methods it also reduces per visitor costs.

Internet marketing is often reported to be overly complicated and expensive, or even a black art, this is not the case. Reading this site will dispel myths about SEO and give you a good understanding of how website promotion really works.

Improving Accessibility
Rating Room offer accessibility consultation which identifies the most suitable level of compliance for your website. We have the technical expertise to deliver 'Bobby triple-A' compliant sites but understand that lower levels of accessibility may be the right choice for some of our clients.

Improving a website to be highly visible on the search engines often removes some of the barriers to website accessibility. With 8.6 Million people in the UK registered as having some form of disability there is a strong commercial, legal and moral case for ensuring all people can use your site.

Improving Return on Investment
Rating Room are fully aware that your website is an important tool in fulfilling objectives that contribute to your overall goals. When planning the SEO, PPC, LocalSearch+ and Accessibility components of your campaign we always keep your aims in mind to deliver the best Return on Investment. Please read on or contact us to find out more about how Rating Room can cost-effectively promote your website and add value to your business.

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